A morning in Aberystwyth and the Devils Bridge

We woke up to a miserable rainy day. Not ones to be put off by this we got in our car and took a drive over to Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth is a traditional Victorian seaside town with lovely big flats overlooking the sea, a promenade and the longest electric cliff lift in Britain. It has museums, a Camera Obscura and lots of light railways around….however, nothing that was open at the end of March (not that we could make out anyway) seems we are a week early for everything opening in Easter. Oh well…

We made do with a wander round some of the tiny little streets and looked at the unusual, independent shops. I think in summer Aberystwyth would be a brilliant place to visit just not on a blustery (and snowy) March morning!

Leaving Aberystwyth we decided to take a short detour home and stop in at Devil’s Bridge. Coming from Aberystwyth you need to go the whole way through Devil’s Bridge and out the other side, you will pass a Hotel right on the road then the free parking is on the right.

Once you are at Devil’s Bridge you have two options. Firstly you can do a 10 minute walk (£1.00 each) and see the bridges and Devil’s Punchbowl or a longer 45 minute route (£3.50 each) and see the Bridges, Punchbowl, Robbers cave and a fantastic 300ft waterfall.

We opted for the 45 minute walk but be warned, you need good shoes and a good set of lungs on you for this route!

Starting the route you get a close up of the three bridges and it’s amazing to think that at one point the lowest bridge served the community – I can’t begin to imagine how it all might have worked as the current town seems to be flush with the ‘top’ bridge.

You start to descend into the valley and can stop at a gazebo for a view up to the full falls. Walking round you descend a little more until there is a warning for ‘steep steps’ called ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. To give it a slightly more descriptive name it’s probably better calling it ‘100 extremely steep steps’ easy to do so long as you don’t look down – or more to the point, only look at the next step down!

Once down Jacob’s Ladder you being the rise back up to the Exit. It’s quite tough going but there are loads of places to stop on the way up to view the power of the falls – a few nice picnic spots are dotted along the way too which would be good in summer.

My favourite part of today was Devil’s Bridge and I’d love to see it in all seasons – next time I’d take good shoes though!