A weekend in London visiting friends

I’d been promising to visit London for a good year so when 2010 rolled in and I still hadn’t book I figured it was time to get my act together. So this weekend myself and the Fiance packed our bags and headed down for a long weekend.


We got down mid-afternoon and by the time we had got to our hotel and changed there was nothing for it but to hit a bar or two while we waited for our friends to finish work. We started off in the ‘Bunch of Grapes’ a few minutes from the Victoria and Albert museum before heading over to Tower Hill.

We met up with everyone and decided to head over to Brick Lane for a curry. I love Brick Lane, it’s so bustling and the smells as you walk up the street are amazing! We chose a restaurant called Sheraz on the corner of Hopetown st and Brick Lane. We chose it because it was the only place without touts outside hassling you to go in! The food was excellent and we spent a fair few hours drinking Kingfisher and eating our little socks off!

Since we had spent so long chatting an eating we only had time for a quick beer before it was home time. We went along to the Ten Bells in Spitalfields which is where the victims of Jack the Ripper went (a fact I didn’t know until I just Googled it!) It’s an incredibly ‘wrecked looking’ place but very, very relaxed and supposedly frequented by the odd pop star – don’t think any were there when we were in…not that I’d know anyway!


We woke up to blazing sunshine and about 20 degree heat. I’m a big fan of Covent Garden and wanted to head over there for breakfast. We took the tube over and I found a fantastic tea shop that I mooched around for a while before going to the World Food Cafe overlooking Neals Yard.

After a massive meal of falafel, salad, pitta and houmous we took a wander down to the Thames via Embankment then along the river to Big Ben and up along Birdcage Walk to Hyde Park Corner – It was a good four miles that walk but an ice-cream made it worthwhile.

When we got over to Hyde Park Corner we took the tube over to Wimbledon to meet some friends. Wimbledon was gorgeous and we stopped for a beer or two and walked up Wimbledon Hill. After nipping for food it was time to get back into London and meet up with a friend of mine at Gloucester Road tube station.


I always hate the last day of a holiday or break but we were lucky that we had a late flight and could spend pretty much the whole day in London.

We started off walking up to South Kensington where we stopped for breakfast in Muffin Man. We seemed to eat in many of our favourite places and this was no exception. The Muffin Man was a find from one of our previous trips to London and I’m guessing it won’t be the last visit either.

Being an avid cook I wanted to take the ‘short walk’ up to the Hummingbird Bakery to buy a few cupcakes and see what the fuss was about so we set off on the ‘short walk’….two and a half miles later we got there. It was incredibly busy and there wasn’t a hope of getting a coffee there so we just bought a few for munching at home.

We carried on walking then took the tube to Paddington with the intention of grabbing a coffee and getting another tube down to the Natural History Museum. Instead we ended up walking from Paddington down and headed straight to the museum wher ewe spent an wnjoyable hour learnign about volcanoes (ironic after  last week’s Icelandic Ash Cloud problems!) and experiencing an Earthquake.

View our London Walk – Approx. 5.5 miles.

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  • Hey, great post. An excellent reminder that you don't have to leave the country to travel. We had a great visit to London at Christmas time. Covent Garden had some great winter markets and I bought the gooiest chocolate pudding and some mulled wine. Tasty!