Why I love to travel

I love travel and especially I love to go on road trips. The freedom to see as much as I can, stop where I want and stop as many times for photographs as my camera’s memory card will allow is the main appeal of road trips.

I also love food.

Visiting different countries not only lets me see new sights, it also lets me try new foods and flavours which is another reason why I love travel!

Things just got personal

This blog is purely a personal account of places I have enjoyed visiting and things I have enjoyed doing over the years. It’s written for fun and for the love of wanting to share ideas, sights and maybe the odd wee tip to a future traveller!


Any entry fees, opening times etc are all correct to my knowledge at the time of posting but these things can change so always check yourself as I’d hate for you to miss a sight due to some out of date info on this blog!

To date all posts are purely personal and no post is sponsored in any way. If this changes in the future I will always clearly state this but for now you can rest assured that it’s all just me.

Got an idea to share

I hope you enjoy having a look about the site, if there’s anywhere you would like to suggest then please comment on a post or mail me at holibags[@]ihearttravel.co.uk – as much as I love sharing I’m also eager to hear new suggestions!

If you would like to write for this blog then feel free to get in touch too.

Thanks for visiting.