Accommodation Around Beauvais

I recently found myself agreeing to a visit Beauvais in France. I knew nothing about Beauvais and had no idea of it’s location other than it being an hour or so from Paris.

As my friend and I had been to Paris we decided to stay away from there for this visit and to see Beauvais instead. Between arriving and leaving we had approximately 30 hours, this is where we chose to stay.

Les Glycines St Sulpice

We left booking until two weeks before our arrival. We thought we’d be stuck in some grotty last-minute hotel on the outskirts of town. Nothing was further from the truth.

We ended up in a youth hostel in St Sulpice which was the picture of French living. Our rooms were spotless and homely and the living area was massive.

The hostel sleeps 14 and would be the ideal location for a family holiday/get together.


Food and Breakfast

The owners were great. We asked for a bottle of wine which they brought over with three bowls of snacks. You just wouldn’t get the personal touch in a hotel.

In the morning you have breakfast in the owners dining room and it’s amazing. The food is fresh with gorgeous bread and pastries and homemade preserves (even banana jam!).

Would I go back?

When I go back it will be with friends, lots of wine and good food. It will also be for longer, at the very least a long weekend! I would spend my Sat in Beauvais choosing nice wine, cheese and bread from the market before heading back to devour it all in the sun with friends!

Value for money?

The lift from the airport, lift back to the train station, bed, breakfast and wine cost in the region of £30 each for one night.


Visit Les Glycines St Sulpice

Tip : St Sulpice is smaller than you may think. If you plan on going out for a meal when you arrive you won’t. The only option is to ask to stop on the way back from the airport. I believe the owners can provide dinner if you request it in advance. For us it was wine and snacks but a massive meal in the airport made this a decent alternative!

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