An unexpected trip to Scarborough

I’ve been going to Scarborough since I was born – every year in October as children we’d be bundled into the car for an overnight drive down from Aberdeen. I love it, my brothers love it, my parents love it and we’re all making damn sure our respective children (and other halfs) love it too.

So today when I opened my email and I was offered the chance to review a luxury boutique hotel (another blog to come) on the outskirts of Scarborough I jumped at the chance. Even better was the fact we are heading down to Yorkshire for a holiday the week there is a room available so it’s all fitting in quite nicely. I nagged/encouraged my Husband to agree to make a weekend of it and we found ourselves another hotel with a pool so we can have a relaxing holiday and our baby can get a shot in the pool (she loves swimming).

Another blogging friend has been given the same opportunity as me (thank you daftmamma for telling me about it) and as she knows I spend a lot of time down there she asked for tips on where to go and what to see. I started off planning on giving her one or two pointers but my love of the place and excitement got the better of me and it turned into some sort of tour guide, so much so that I decided it would make a decent blog for anyone wishing to visit. So, here are my top must-sees in Scarborough (and a few in the surrounds).


  • Rotunda museum – brilliant museum, spent many a day in here.
  • Fish and chips on the beach – best served on a cold October evening.
  • Sea life centre – good for wet days.
  • Drive up to Oliver’s Mount in the dark for a nice view over Scarborough (another of our fish supper stops!)
  • Thornton le dale for a wee drive – lovely thatched cottage to view.
  • Dalby Forest – a decent day trip, there’sĀ  atoll to get in.
  • Harbor Bar – a retro ice cream bar that my Dad has been going to since he was a kid (and us too) it’s a definite MUST for any visitor.
  • Wander round the Italian Gardens, along the seafront and past the spa (from the South Cliff) – I did this every morning at 6am with my Dad before heading to the Harbour Bar for lime milkshake for breakfast (“shhhhh, don’t tell Mum”)
  • Wee Italian coffee shop (Janette’s?) at the top of McBean Steps (it’s tiny so you’ll know it when you see it) very good hot choc if you can get a seat!
  • Take a Cliff Lift (one by the Spa is best as it’s longest with the best views) – Best to go DOWN throught he
  • Italian Gardens and UP the cliff lift.
  • Peasholm Park to wander round – this used to be really nicely lit at night but not sure if it is now. They do a lot of events here though so would be worth Googling what’s on.
  • The Mere is ok and nice for a wee walk and to feed the ducks but can do a quick stop on the way back from Oliver’s mount.
  • Pickering you can take a steam train to Grosmont via Goathland and see where Heartbeat was filmed.
  • Can do boat trips form the harbour too – we once did a speedboat which was fun.
  • Wander along the pier to the ligthhouse for a view back onto land.
  • Walk up to the castle. I’ve never been in so can’t vouch for that but there is a playpark under it and we used to walk all round it at night eating ice cream!
  • Anne Bronte’s grave if you’re that way inclined.
  • If it’s stormy grab a fish supper and drive to North Cliff and watch the waves crash into and over the road (if it’s good the road will be closed so you won’t accidentally go down it!)
  • Flamingo Land is good for the kids
  • Donkey rides!!!
  • Whitby is nice to stop in on your way down
  • For parking go to the South Cliff and walk in as it’s free and usually a fair few spaces if you don’t mind a 10-15min walk, it’s a nice walk in with views over the sea so worth doing anyway.

Be prepared to walk, I did 8 miles when 7 months pregnant so make sure you have good shoes….