Blackboys and Thongs in Margaret River!

There will be an image to go with this blog as soon as we can be bothered to post it. For now use your involves stu mounting a tree (that overe here they refer to as a ‘Blackboy’……….)

Anyway, We were at Margaret River over the weekend. The cabin we had was amazing and right in the middle of nowhere. We spent every evening drinking beer while watching out for kangaroos then going back to our log BBQ in ‘the bush’. Did a wine tour on the Sunday which was great – wineries must love them as the more tasting we did the more everyone seemed to be buying. I think the most bizarre bit was sitting in a minibus in the blazing heat with Aussie Jingle Bells playing at top volume. Tour ended in the bootleg brewery where the host kept giving Lisa and I a small beer to share while the boys has a taster plate (of five beers) each – obvisouly beer is not a ladies drink in this part of the world!

Drove to lake cave too, was really impressive didn’t quite enjoy standing at the entrance to the cave looking up and seeing nothing but white all over the cave (‘that would be the spider webs’ *eek*) The cave itself was fantastic and I hopefully got a few good pics of the inside for you all to see.

Can’t remember what the last post was so this may be repeated but we went to Yanchep National Park on the Thursday. Saw tons of kangaroos, koalas and birds. We hired a rowing boat and proceeded to argue our way round ‘Lake McNess’ due to steering errors and panicking after we realised there were water snakes in the water. All in all it was very relaxing and romantic..!

Anyway, We are now off to see Perth at night so I can take some pics of Kings Park all lit up and then hunt down some food. By the way ‘the parents’ will be pleased to hear I have been more willing than normal with regards food – kangaroo, and venison to name a few, I drew the line at grub pate but you can guess who didn’t :-)

Stu and Lynne