Competition : I want to know your holiday dreams!

Read on if you fancy winning a copy of the Rough Guide’s Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth (Compact edition): A Rough Guide to the World

I’m always on the look out for holiday ideas and inspiration and whether it’s hunting out wild camping spots in Scotland or discovering new beer in Australia (Little Creatures anyone?) I always like to take a wee note for that time in the future when work is a distant memory and I’m away round the World with only a backpack and a pair of straighteners (and possibly the Fiance).

If you fancy getting your mitts on your own source of travel inspiration and have a dream to share then get commenting below. I want to see passion and imagination (but I draw the line at polar bears on a tropical island) and the answer I find most amusing or idyllic will find a copy winging their way to them

I want to know:

  • Where your dream holiday location is.
  • What you would see.
  • Who you would be travelling with.
  • Why? Maybe you’ve been recommended it or been before?

Closing date for your ideas and comments is Monday the 6th September.

Thank you everyone for your entries. The competition is now closed and I shall be pulling a winning name out of a hat this evening. Please continue to leave your dream holiday comments though as I would love to hear them.

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  • Lou

    My dream holiday was to go to Svalbard to see polar bears, until someone was dragged by the head from his tent by one last month. Now my dream holiday is to go to Canada with my other half. We’d fly to Calgary and drive through the Rockies, stopping off at Lake Louise, through Banff and Jasper National Parks.

    We’d then head down to Vancouver Island. From Vancouver Island we’d get a wee plane to Knight Inlet – a fantastic place to view grizzly bears (during September the salmon run brings in lots of bears for a spot of fishing).

    Oh and we’d have to have a wee whale watching trip in there somewhere, with Orcas and humpbacks breaching the waters.

    I love stunning scenery and amazing wildlife, so I guess that’s my main reasoning behind this trip. I also love taking photographs although with so many amazing things to capture I could end up single by the end of the trip (I’ve been told I can spend a ‘little’ too much time behind the lens). So since this is my dream holiday, in my dream my boyfriend is very understanding 

  • Ryan

    My ideal location would be New York. I'd do all of the touristy things in the first few days, then hit pubs and shops etc for the remainder as well as sampling the cuisine, of course.

    Probably travelling with a mate and packing my kilt as a wee talking point with the locals.

    Frank Sinatra recommended it a while back…

  • ihearttravel

    I would love Svalbard and Yellowstone but I have to admit to being a little scared of cuddly wee bears (if you read some of my other blog you'll see this!). I'm allowed to be though, you don't get many in Scotland!

  • ihearttravel

    A friend of ours went to New York with his kilt…lets just say he had a 'fun' time away. From what I hear a kilt goes down a treat Stateside (or should that be 'up'?)

  • Kfordpacker

    My dream trip would be to tour Tennessee taking in , Chattanogga, Pigeon Forge,Nashville and Memphis.
    During the tour i would visit Dollywood, The “Grand ole Opry” and also Gracelands.
    I would be travelling with my wife and my daughter, building on their love of Country Music and also seeing a different part of American life from our previously taken Disney orientated trips to the US.

  • Denice

    My dream Holiday would be to Russia, just to sit in the square and pay my respects to everyone that was killed there, a major memory from my childhood. I'd be making the trip in my dad's memory and would take my husband and children, give them the lasting memory of peace.

  • ihearttravel

    Nashville…the perfect response for today what with it being the anniversary of Elvis's death 'n all!

  • ihearttravel

    Awww, giving 'them the lasting memory of peace' that's a lovely dream holiday. I hope one day you get to do it.

  • Stu

    My dream holiday location would be an idyllic beach on a remote island in the Pacific. I'd see the blue ocean as far as the horizon, the sandy beaches all around and a beautiful sunset every evening.

    With me would be my partner, both of us chilling out and taking it easy away from the crazy rat-race. We have chosen the island because of it's remoteness and our quest to visit somewhere “untouched”.

  • Amelia2064

    I would love to go back to Mon Repos Beach in Australia with my husband. We went there years ago and watched the baby turtles hatching. It was 11pm at night, 25 degrees and we got thoroughly bitten by sandflies. Yet watching the tiny turtles pushing through the sand with their strong but small flippers was a magical experience. One of those few perfect moments in life when time stands still and the experience envelops consciousness.



  • ihearttravel

    New Zealand does look pretty amazing and I quite fancy that one myself. Probably in a campervan if I can convince the Fiance ;-)

  • ihearttravel

    Wow! That sounds amazing, who cares about sand flies when you have that to watch :-) I love Australia and do intend to go back at some point – I think once you've been it 'has you' don't you think?

  • ihearttravel

    I have the image in my head of a deserted island with a single beach hut and no one else around. Sounds fab!

  • Gemma

    I'd go to the Amazon basin with David Attenborough. I've been obsessed with visiting since watching a programme about manatees years and years ago. I would love the opportunity to trek through the jungle, before canoeing down the river to watch these majestic animals. And David Attenborough? Possibly the most interesting person I can think of and his voice is amazing!

  • Jeanne Wightman

    My holiday dream is to go to the Mardi Gras in Rio … the colour, the noise and the crowds really appeal. Normally I am a quiet, wildlife and scenery person, but, just once before I die .. give me Rio !
    My husband can come along for the trip … but it isn't his dream…..

  • ihearttravel

    haha I love how your husband 'can come along' if he wants! My Dad worked in Rio for a while when I was a kid and I just remember him coming home with all these 'I love Rio' bright t-shirts that I wore to the death.

  • Claire

    My dream holiday is a year long world trip, but if I had to pick one dream location from this trip it would have to be Thailand! I would love to visit the temples, spend a week in Ko Phi Phi, ride a tuk tuk in bangkok and visit the night markets! My boyfriend would come with me as he loves the idea of Thailand as well! Its a dream that will come true!!

  • ihearttravel

    Thailand would be ace! A week of activities and maybe a week on the beach (though I'd probably only last a day on the beach before wanting to 'do sooooomething'!) Like your determination that it WILL happen – why not have an attainable dream? It makes sense.

  • Neilsfoster103

    My dream holiday would be The rockies by train

  • Shirleyfoster267

    Holidaying in Tuscany

  • Lfoster700

    I'd love to go back to Bolivia and Peru and see some of the places I missed all those years ago. Then to be greedy I'd go to Central America and see the Mayan Temples and after all that walking spend a week chilling on the Pacific coastline.

  • I would love to go to Russia and take 1 of those MiG jet planes that are able to send you so high up in the atmosphere where you are at the edge of space. I can then look out and see the curvature of the Earth and stare at the Sun coming up over the Horizon piercing through the layer of air that we call atmosphere. Maybe catch a glimpse of the Great Wall of China while I am up there too. Hopefully all this will become affordable in my lifetime or I will have enough money to afford one!

  • Vwellsuk

    I've always wanted to spend a year touring round the US and Canada making sure I not only see the big sights but also get to know what life in each bit is really like. I'd take my fiance Adam as he really wants to go too. No idea why, we just fancy it

  • Dream holiday would be in the Caribbean where I would see nothing but white beaches, beautiful sunsets and blue skies. I would be travelling with my gorgeous wife and it would be our first honeymoon after 20 years of marriage.

  • An alsakan cruise with my mum to see brown bears because they've always been her favourite animal and I want her to see them in the wild before it's too late.

  • Jeremy Hards

    Dream Holiday location is Costa Rica
    I would spend most of my time in the cloud forests
    I would tgravel with my girlfriend
    I went to Costa Rica for a week and it really wasn't enough time. I could have spent the whole week in the cloud forests, they are just so amazing, full of wildlife and views of volcanoes through openings.

    I wouldn't mind a small detour on my way home via Cuba to see Havanna again.

  • Lisa

    I would love to spend a year travelling round Australia. I would take my husband and my Daughter. The places that I couldn’t miss would have to be the Sydney Opera House and Ayres Rock. It has always been a place i have wanted to go not sure why!

  • Cathy MacLennan

    I would love to go to Ko Chang island via Bangkok, in Bangkok I would go and visit Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram and see the Emerald Buddha.

    My travelling companion would be my flatmate who has never been abroad so they could experience the culture and scenery through fresh eyes which would make it a good experience for both of us.

    I have previously been to Thailand and loved it, in fact I got married there in Thonburi region in a temple wearing Thai traditional costume.

  • Amanda

    I would love to go to Peru with my husband. My absolute dream is to go to Machu Picchu, but I want to get there under my own steam, not on a tourist bus. It has always appealed to me, but I recently read a book where the main character rediscovers herslf and lives her dream on a trip to Peru, and it kind of struck a chord with me. My husband is my best friend and to share it all with him would just make the whole thing perfect (plus he'd probably offer to carry some of my stuff for me as I'm not that fit!)

  • ihearttravel

    I had a friend who did that trip with cancer Research, she absolutely loved it.

    What's the book you read?

  • ihearttravel

    So many places in Thailand look amazing don't they? To get married there must have been amazing.

  • ihearttravel

    I love Australia. We were in the West (Perth and Fremantle) a few years back and I've been dying to go back ever since. I think I'd have to try the East coast this time but that would be a hard decisions as the West was so amazing and we have so much more of it to see.

  • ihearttravel

    Costa Rica was one of the choices for us last year but unfortunately from Scotland it was going to be a huge amount of flight transfers and we just weren't sure if a fortnight was enough?

  • ihearttravel

    I have an obsession with Alaska so I can see where you're coming from!

  • ihearttravel

    Awwww, now that is very cute!

  • ihearttravel

    I fancy going from East to West for a similar reason; to see how the landscape/people etc change through the journey. Would also love to spend a year or so doing something like this but it's definately just a dream right now.

  • Julielouisep

    it would have to be barcelona where my husband proposed to me. beautiful interesting city from cathedrals to football stadiums; top quality restaurants fun nightlife for young and old. would love to go back with my husband

  • ihearttravel

    I love Barcelona too. Unfortunately I went years before this blog was set up so I never took notes on the restaurants and bars we went to so I can't blog about them. Might just have to go back! Lovely place for a proposal too!