Day Thirteen Part One : Successful Whale Watching in Monterey

We’d been swaying between going whale watching and just getting on the road and up to San Francisco. In the end we decided that whale watching was worth doing whether we saw one or not.

We headed off down to the pier to buy tickets and hire binoculars.The boat was a decent size and surprisingly I never ended up sea sick (although I have heard it can get quite rough at times). We’d been heading out for about 30 mins when we were told that there was a report of an killer whale nearby so off the captain took us in that direction. When we got closer we got our first glimpse of a killer whale!

Killer Whales

Now, that would have been what I called a successful trip in itself but the whales started coming up closer to the boat so we were getting better and better views. After watching for a while there was another report of other killer whales and some humpbacks so off we went again to see if we could spot them.  Before long we saw more killer whales and no less than THREE humpbacks! It was amazing. The humpbacks must have thought our boat was a play thing as once or twice our boat was hit from below by one of them.

Whale Watching

There was a point where I noticed everyone jumping back, to my mind this gave me a clear space for a picture so I moved towards the edge and promptly started snapping away. The humpback surface…I got good photo’s and only then did I discover why everyone had stood back…he breathed out and spurted loads of foul smelling stuff all over me and my camera!