Edinburgh Festival 2010 – Newsrevue, Holyrood Tavern and Ruan Thai

Every year I like to head back over to Edinburgh for a night at the Edinburgh Festival. I love to visit at this time of year because it was during the festival, 13 years ago, that I moved out of home and down to Edinburgh for my first taste of student life.

I always like to go over in the first weekend because (as I’ve mentioned before) I like a bargain and the first weekend the festival tickets are 2 for 1 :-)

This year it was more of a flying visit as usually we like to treat ourselves a little (but not too much) and book ourselves one of the cheap hotels in Edinburgh city centre. It has to be the centre and prefereably close to the Rutland Hotel as I like to pretend I’m a student again and well, that’s pretty much where I used to live (behind it at least).


Anyway, this year we only had a few hours so we met up with a few friends and headed to the Holyrood Tavern near the Plesance. It’s a fantastic wee pub with brilliant beer on tap and fantastic surroundings and generally a good, relaxing place to start a night and have a post-work drink. Though I must say, I did quite like the Holyrood Tavern years ago before it had it’s fancy make over and it was more a ‘sawdust on the floor’ pub!

9a Holyrood Rd,OLD TOWN, Edinburgh EH8


After we’d supped our beer we headed up to the Plesance Courtyard to see the show I wait all year for…Newsrevue. I love it. It’s the most offensive, un-PC and cringe-worthy show but it also has the ability to make you laugh from the second it starts until well after it’s over. My favourite part by far was the David Cameron rap. If you only go to see one show in the Festival then you should really make it Newsrevue so long as you’re not easily offended!


After a drink and the show we needed to refuel with a well deserved tasty dinner. We wandered up to then down Cockburn Street (pronounced co-burn for all your dirty minds out there) and found a tiny little Thai restaurant tucked away down Craig’s Close called the Ruan Thai. The food was excellent and it was a lovely cosy little restuarant (though were were next to a rather loud ‘luvvy’ but his conversation provided amusement more then anything!). It’s well worth checking out the Ruan Thai if you’re in Edinburgh.

1 Craig’s Close, 29 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BN

Another restaurant worth mentioning that we didn’t visit on this occasion (but regularly do) is the fantastic Thai Orchid Restaurant at the top of the Royal Mile. It’s in a prime location between the Grassmarket and the Royal Mile with views over the castle so it’s the perfect festival stop to eat a wonderful meal and be in the heart of all the hustle and bustle.

  • Lou

    I love the Newsrevue. You're right, it is offensive, un-PC and cringe-worthy but it's also very very funny. Unfortunately won't make it over to the festival this year but really wish i could hear that David Cameron rap!