End of the Fiance’s MBA – it’s decision time!

So ‘we’ are now two years into the Fiance’s MBA (Master of the Black Arts as I refer to it) and this time next year it will be over. OVER. Completely OVER.

As a little reward to him for all his hard work and me for putting up with his grumpy study face for three years we’ve agreed (read: I have stated) that we are going to have one mega holiday next September. I cannot wait but I also (I mean ‘we’) cannot decide where.

We have had loads of fantastic holidays (a few of which are on this blog); from holidays in America to Australia and Gardenstown to Galway and every single one has been amazing. So, the choices for this one are tough. It has to be an adventure, it has to be relaxing and if the Fiance gets his way, it has to be ‘somewhere James Bond would go’ (Yes, really).

Our choices to date are:

Calgary – Vancouver Island (Road Trip)

Starting in Calgary the over to Vancouver Island via the Rockies – possibly in a camper van. A bit of canoeing thrown in, a bit of walking and maybe some wildlife viewing to-boot.

Part of Route 66 and Las Vegas (Road Trip)

Had considered all of Route 66 but it’s a long way in a few weeks so is it better to pick a section and make the most of it with lots of side routes? It’s an idea but the Fiance isn’t so keen due to the California trip in 2009 Him: “we need to go somewhere different” Me: “why?” aaaaand repeat.

Maine (Road Trip)

In the Autumn, starting in Halifax and maybe ending up in New York? Seeing the colours and maybe some outdoor sports. But then we can do that trip easily from Scotland in a fortnight so maybe somewhere further away is needed for our mega break?

Cuba (James Bond would go there right? Mojitos on the beach…))

Because everyone who has ever been loves it.

So that’s it. We’re stuck. Any suggestions are greatly received. If you’ve been to any of these then I want to know what you liked, where you visited and if you’d go back. Help us decide!