Finger Licking Good!

Since we’ve been here for a few days, it’s time for another entry along. We have taken plenty of photos. Not sure how to resize them onthis Mac, so will post this blog entry with no photos and put photos up later when have worked out how to make the images smaller.

Unfortunately for us, Fremantle is not the best place for a holiday if you want to get out of the city and see some of Australia because it is such a cool place with lots of bars and cafes that we have not really left the town! Weather has been a bit colder than expected at night. Still hot enough to burn us though (particulary if when putting on sunscreen you miss a large area of your back…).

We did go to Perth Zoo today and had a look round the city. One of the highlights of the zoo trip was seeing the Orang-Utans. They were behaving a bit different to how Clyde did in the Clint Eastwood films…pictures will follow but basically Mr Orang-Utan kept grabbing Mrs Orang-Utan and shoving her hand up his bum (like, RIGHT up!), not content with this he then rugged it out and licked her fingers (hence the title of this blog!) :-) The most amusing part of this ‘show’ was watching the parents look on horrified while the kids said ‘What are they doing Mummy………?’

After the fun of the zoo we just ambled round Perth drinking coffee and beer and generally soaking up the atmosphere.

Anyway, we are hoping to get a car hired tomorrow and head down to Margaret River for a few days at the weekend with Nick and Lisa. Maybe take in a wine tour, see the dolphins and go to some caves – we’ll keep you posted!

Stu & Lynne

  • lou

    Finally I get the blog info to find I’ve already missed so much. Hope you’re both having a ball.

  • lou

    Finally I get the blog info to find I’ve already missed so much. Hope you’re both having a ball and you haven’t met any tarantulas yet.

    Love Lou x

  • lou

    ok so I dont know how to work this thing yet!!!!! It didn’t come with instructions!

  • Alistair

    Short arms is a sign of evolution – well done, which ever one of you it was!

  • Alistair


    I’ve just read all of your post. That is such an in-character post that I am now sure that they didn’t leave your brain in Glasgow while sending your body on a holiday to the antipodes without you.

    Just how are work surviving?

    I’m not sure that you muted your enviousness enough, perhaps you can edit things a bit – you do seem a bit *too* appreciative of the Orangutang lifestyle at times.

  • Alistair

    Nice edit. Well done, that’s much better

  • Alistair

    You know, your whole reputation probably depends on which pictures you choose to publish, especially from this episode. I think both parents, and possibly the legal team at work, will be breathing a sigh of relief at the lack of documentary evidence so far.

    From an employment point of view, it’s (shall we say) disappointing that you can’t work out how to use a Mac, the most idiot proof computer on the face of the planet.

    Still, you can do Java, eh?

  • Lynne

    I could be wrong Alistair but I think you either post messages VERY late at night or after a bottle of wine….?

    BTW: My name is Lynne and I am a Kangaroo. WHO’S UP NEXT?!