First Posting – Ready for Australia

So here we go. My first blog posting. Not long now until we are off to Australia. Flight leaves early Sunday morning. Am going to post blog entries as regularly as possible with the adventures that we will have in Australia. Until Then …

  • Alistair

    Good luck on your trip. Try to remember that levitating tens of tonnes of metal, plastic, etc into the air is quite natural, really.

  • TheParents

    Not much activity on this site, must be having an interesting time!

  • Angeline Brunel

    Hi there!

    Is it warm? did you get there in one piece? I mean, if we were mean to fly we would have been given our own set of wings!lol

    Hope you both have a wonderful time!

  • Alistair

    C’mon Stu, you have an obvious fan base here, and you’re neglecting us. We demand to know about the lethal spiders, the crocs and the other wildlife. Plus the cuisine, the beer, the wine, and the bottled water.

    You owe it to your public. We’re doing our bit by turning up, give us something worth turning up for.

  • Elaine

    Hello! Just thought I’d say hello from mum and I to let you know we’re thinking of you both! I’m sure you’re having a brilliant time. Hope to hear from you soon. Oh and thanks for letting me know you’d landed safely in K.L. xxx

  • theparents

    Come in Earth, come in Earth. Are you receiving me?

    Thankfully Margaret telephoned to let us know you arrived in one piece.

    If it wasn’t for the comments from your devoted fan base there would be nothing to read.

    Watch out for Incy Wincy!!!


  • theparents

    This is for Angeline and Louise I asked Lynne for your adresses to send you cards but I never got them so HAPPY XMAS.Ta for your card Angeline.
    The cool pair.

  • Angeline

    Hi Mr And Mrs F

    I gave the wee so and so my address to pass on.

    I see they still havent made contact! hmmmmm lynne’s probably in shock with all the spiders!he he

    Anyhow, i will check this space again later and see if mork and mindy have called orson.ha ha

  • Anonymous

    Hi Angeline glad to get your address,did your sis have her baby?How is this for luck I sent a card to a lovely old friend who is 84 , today I got a card from his wife to tell me he died 4 weeks ago. That will give Stu a laugh.I jumped in with both feet there, size 12s I think.Have a nice xmas love to Thomas.Bye

  • Lynnes Mum

    We think the redneck beer is so good that Lynne&Stu have not got time to e -mail, somebody out there chase them up.We want to see some photographs after all you spent ??? on a camera.
    love you both.Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mrs F,

    wow! thats some story. you never fail to make me laugh!im sorry to hear about the death though!

    My sister did have her baby, thanks goodness! it was touch and go but all was ok.

    I think i should give you my email address as lynne and stu o master will get angry for using this site for personal emails!lol

    It is

    and Thomas sends his love!