Holiday Cards Review – Babycardsnow

OK, I’ll admit it, this post is a bit of a stretch but it is a travel/holiday blog and this is a holiday card review so I thought it could just about stretch to accommodate it!

I’d decided a few weeks ago to get some personalised cards for Christmas and sourced a site online called As they allowed smaller runs of print (from 25 cards) I thought I’d give them a go.

Babycards now offers several templates for the cards they offer or you can upload your own design. I chose to design and upload my own so it was perfect for what I needed. The whole process was great – I uploaded a 300dpi, 125mm x 125mm PDF file though to be honest this was a bit of a guess as there wasn’t a huge amount of guidance on file sizes. On saying that though, when I needed help (the file double checked to see it suited) babycardsnow were happy to help and give it the once over.

Delivery was around 5 days and the finished result was fantastic quality. One thing worth noting though is that the babycardsnow logo is quite large on the back of the card  – perhaps a logo 1/4 of the size or just the web address would be enough but I can understand why it’s up there!

All in all I thought the service and quality from babycardsnow was great and I’d happily use them again.