Is a holiday to Vancouver calling?

I’ve been talking to a friend recently about holidays to Canada. She’s considering her first one there and talking to her has made me consider that maybe, just maybe I do want another one.

We both have similar interests so on chatting we’ve identified Vancouver and Vancouver island as a potential holiday spot. I’ve been told that Calgary to Vancouver to Vancouver Island is one of the best drives you can do and that there’s nothing like driving out of Calgary and watching the wall that is the Rockies appear in front of you. Or as one girl put it ‘you think, How and I ever going to get my car up and over those!’

I’m thinking it would be fantastic in the Autumn with the leaves turning and the possibility of maybe just a sprinkling of snow. I also want to take the trip it in a camper-van…

Now, if you’ve read my other blogs about California then you’re possibly wondering about the sense in my sleeping in a metal box in a land where black and brown bears roam free and even the odd grizzly. Oh God, the possibility of meeting one of those bad boys doesn’t bear thinking about! But regardless of my yellow-belly behaviour back then I’m pretty sure I could handle it now. Yes I could.

So now I have the dilemma of what to do. Do I man-up and face my (completely justified in my opinion) fear of being mauled alive or do I take a package holiday to Spain.

Mauled alive V’s a run in with eager Thomson package holiday rep…I’ve more chance of coming out the other side if I take my chances with the grizzlies.

I’m of to Flickr picture of Vancouver to get myself in the mood.

The view from the meeting point.
  • Lou

    This would be my ideal holiday. LIke you, I'm a little afraid of the bears but I'd take them on before a package holiday to Spain!! Can I ask what would be on your top things to do in the Rockies or Vancouver? Loving your blog btw, always great to get new travel ideas and read reviews.

  • Neil

    Hire a 4×4 truck with a 30ft “trailer” – great way to do it and one of the best month's holidays I've ever had once I got the hang of reversing!

  • ihearttravel

    I misread that, thought you just said a 4×4 but a 4×4 with a trailer! Man, that must have taken some careful steering!

  • ihearttravel

    I've heard (from a Canadian friend) Vancouver island is amazing in summer if you want somewhere to chill so that might be on the cards. I'd also love to spend time just exploring the rockies and camping (in a BIG STURDY tent!) and maybe do the Jasper – Vancouver Rocky Moutaineer train ride if I was feeling flush!