Jabberwock Inn Monterey – my review

I’ve been intending to write this review for a long time now as it really deserves it’s own page on this blog. It’s a review of the Jabberwock Inn in Monterey.

When we first started planning our holidays to San Francisco we’d originally thought we’d do the cheap and cheerful motels and B&B’s along our road trip route. We’d decided on our route and knew we were going to stop off in Monterey if only to visit the aquarium! Off we trotted to Google and started searching B&B’s in Monterey.

One of the first B&B’s we found was the Jabberwock Inn set a 5 minute walk from Cannery Row. It wasn’t the cheapest and certainly didn’t fall into out cheap and cheerful thinking but the images on the website blew us away.

Before we even arrived we were impressed. The owners had sent a thank you for booking letter and leaflet about the guesthouse which we thought was a nice touch especially as nowadays you’re lucky to get a confirmation email!

It’s a quaint wee hotel with loads of nooks and crannies and decor relating to “Through the Looking Glass.” From the website:

Our Monterey Bed and Breakfast Inn was named after the Lewis Carroll poem from his famous book, “Through the Looking Glass.” The ambiance of our seven room inn is light-hearted, warmly comfortable, and decidedly upscale. We enjoy meeting and caring for our local to international guests. Many come for romance, others are in town for conferences or business meetings, some come as a group for a family reunion … many return often to re-experience the beautiful blend of elegance and innocence that is woven into every aspect of Jabberwock Inn!

Arrivals and Upgrades

When we arrived, tired and ratty after a full day’s drive, the owner took his time to show us round the house an grounds and showed us lots of hiding spaces where jelly beans and sweets were hidden. There were guests playing boules on the front law and it really was quite idyllic!

As the owners knew we were on holiday for my 30th they had upgraded us to the Mome Rath room with our own bath jacuzzi, ocean views and a Californian king bed. We’d also pre-booked their chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne option. Bliss.

TLC with food!

Before dinner (chosen from one of the manu menus available) we met up in the parlour(!) with the other guests and got to know each other over a limoncello, a glass of wine and some hand made canapes. This was a fantastic touch and really didn’t make us want to leave!

After dinner we settled back into the room as we wanted time to enjoy it and try out the jacuzzi bath oh, and drink our champagne of course!

In the morning, after one of the most fitful sleeps I’d had in a  long time (well, since Wawoma) we went downstairs for breakfast. There is one dining table for all guests so everyone has the chance to chat. Breakfasts are amazing, massive and vary each day. They also follow the course of Alice with names such as “Snarkleberry Flumptious, Phantasmagoria, or another wondrous fulsome treats

Would I go back?

No doubt about it. I really do recommend this hotel if you’re ever in Monterey. It might not be the cheapest but sometimes it’s worth the extra and the love and attention to detail that the owners put into your stay more than makes up for this.

For more information or to book see:

598 Laine Street, Monterey, CA 93940