Nearly my favourite travel season

I know it’s the middle of Summer and a little bit early for this but I was driving past a park this afternoon and I noticed the leaves had already started to fall off. Now I love Autumn and Winter so this immediately made me think of Autumn and look forward to the cooler evenings and scarf wearing!

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year for travel. I love being out in the country and somewhere with amazing colours so I can get my camera out and start snapping or so that I can have a nice long walk before cosying up in country pub with the Fiancé and a bottle of red.

Just before Autumn each year I start to think about both of my holidays to Canada; each of these was in Autumn and each let me see Canada in it’s full colourful bloom (and once in full snowy bloom!) Both these holidays were in Ontario and we went from Ottawa to Sault St Marie to Niagra on the Lake and everywhere we turned the air was fresh and the colours were stunning – I loved the place and I love remembering the memories that the first cold day of Autumn conjures up each year.

So this year I am toying (as I always do at this time of year) with a break to Canada. We can easily do it in a week from the UK  and it IS a whole long year until our mega holiday so I think it’s perfect timing….now…just need to convince the Fiancé.