Now We’re Mobile – Mini Road Trips

Hi all again. It’s good to see that there is a bit of lively chatting going on amongst all our friends on this blog. It makes us feel all warm and tingly inside that people are actually reading this. Still need to work out how to reduce the size of photos before posting. Hopefully will get his sorted out soon. However, dont’ want to spend too much time sitting at the computer when there are much better things to be doing here.

We have now hired a car and have been doing mini road trips over the last few days. Driving here is not difficult at all since the roads are very quiet, even in the city (compared with the UK at least). Also, our car has cruise control so don’t have to do anything except make sure I don’t drive into the back of someone. Earlier today, we visited a wildlife park where we were able to feed and pet kangaroos and other wildlife. I had a run-in with a few rabid Night of the Living Dead chickens and had to throw some food at them in fright so that they didn’t peck my toes off. Emu’s are a good bit bigger than I thought and looked just a tiny bit like they might attack us so it was interesting getting past them and back to the car!

Going to the airport tonight to pick up Nick after an evening torchlit tour of the old Fremantle prison. It’ll be good to see him again. Also, we have booked a few nights away this weekend down in Margaret River for the four of us and a dog. We are staying at the following chalets –