Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Last month we were lucky enough to be offered a night in a Suite at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel just outside Scarborough. I love Scarborough and we’ve being going since we were really young so I was keen to take the Husband and the Bairn for a night.

We arrived dead on check on as we’d booked in for an afternoon tea. we were shown to our room quickly so we were able to be sitting outside having afternoon tea while the bairn played on the grass within 15 minutes of arriving. Speaking of grounds, the outside of the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is beautiful. The Hotel itself is a lovely old building but alongside the many seating areas and large front lawn they also have a paved area round the back which goes round a pond and has more areas to sit and enjoy the peace. It was a great walk in in terms of distance and peace with the Bairn before bed and she was able to toddle off looking at things without annoying anyone.

A big pull of the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is the formal dining and in days gone by we’d have loved to get dressed up and head out for a nice meal. As it is we asked if we could have room service instead and they were more than happy to oblige. We’d assumed a sandwich would have been offered but no, it was the full A la Carte menu and the food was fantastic! It was a massive treat to a) not cook b) not tidy up and c) not have to deal with a stroppy ‘I won’t eat’ toddler while we were trying to eat!

The hotel is in such a beautiful setting that there was a part of me that was gutted that the Husband was no longer just the Fiance – it would make a gorgeous wedding venue!

We definitely recommend the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel if you’re looking for a few days in and around Scarborough.