Red Snappers and Bikes in Rottnest Island

Quick post today. We are heading out east today to New Norcia and will stay the night in a hotel somewhere – place to be determined.

Yesterday we went to Rottnest island ( We cycled round the island an saw some Quokkas and amazing views of the ocean from the island’s western most point. We were also very stupid, and as a result of this are suffering from bad sunburn today though!

On talking with the barman whilst ordering our bottle of wine at the end of the day, we also found out that we missed what would have been a great sight. A whale had been washed up on one of the bays a week or two ago and they were cutting it up and removing it yesterday. They couldn’t leave it there to decompose naturally as it had attracted a number of great white sharks into the area and this was making it dangerous for the surfers. That would have made for a great photo opportunity. The fact Stuart was paddling in the sea at the other side of the very small island was a little worrying though! Still, he never got eaten.