The one where The Fiance becomes The Husband

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time but this blog has remained mostly untouched for about 2 years…

Two years ago (in Aug) the fiance and I tied the knot. We invited all our friends down to York to Marmadukes Hotel for a long weekend with the wedding happening on the Sunday.

On the Friday night we got together for a meal then on the sat we and 28 members of the wedding party met in the guy Fawkes pub for a drink and a meal as a kind of pre-wedding chill out. It was great as it let some of our friends who didn’t know many people to meet beforehand so that everything was more relaxed on the day.

On the Sat my parents and one of my bridesmaids got up and we walked (or hobbled, I was on crutches) into York to visit the flower market. My idea for flowers was pretty much along the lines of ‘let’s see what’s in season’ so we ended up with a load of thistles and babies breath which looked fantastic together – I was a very chilled out bride and didn’t really care about things like flowers by that point!

When the day came we spent the morning decorating the room, fixing up the flowers and generally mooching about making crafty pieces before it was time to get ready.

The wedding itself was brilliant, we chose a humanist one as neither of us are religious so it was really personal and we were able to put in plenty of jokes. Loads of people mentioned after that it was a lovely and personal ceremony and that they’d never been to a Humanist one before but it was an eye-opener.

Marmadukes hotel is a beautiful hotel with really unique rooms so no one was in the same style of room.  Some have roll top baths and we had an apartment to ourselves that had just been refurbished so it was in amazing condition and felt really luxurious. We ended up not having the honeymoon suite as I couldn’t make it up the stairs so my parents got the room with the in-room sauna!

The garden is a really nice area with loads of lavender, it’s a good size for the size of wedding we had too, not too big that we got lost but small enough that everyone was together.

On a similar vein the hotel has three rooms available for the day so there was loads of room to spread out in and get away from the ceilidh if anyone didn’t want to dance. There are loads of nice nik-naks around that just so happened to compliment my wedding decorations so we were both really happy with it.

All in all we’d recommed Marmadukles Hotel for a wedding especially if you have enough guests to book out the rooms and take over the hotel.

Feast your eyes on our crafty wedding



















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