Things we discovered in Canada!

We had so many new experiences on this canadian road trip but the highpoint had to be our three night stay in Algonquin Park. The snow really was the icing on the cake and the hiking and guides were so informative that it gave us loads of information to take home with us.

Some of the top things we learnt in Canada (meant for fun I might add!) were:

  1. You can make postcards out of birch bark
  2. The yellow squidgy fungus is called Witches Jelly
  3. On a forest hike don’t expect to come home with dry shoes…
  4. You can make tea and start fires with the cedar tree (we also think he said it treat’s scurvy but we were at the back of the group so not sure we heard right…)
  5. Don’t eat onion soup…
  6. Tim Hotons is on every corner and is highly addictive
  7. If the weather forecast says ‘squall’ what they mean is ‘white-out’
  8. Only one person has ever gone over Niagra Falls intentionally and survived with only cuts and bruises (a woman of course)
  9. A you boy was swept over after a boating accident, he also survived
  10. The caves behind the falls are 200m deep
  11. I kick Stu’s ass in the driving stakes. Toronto in rush hour anyone? :-)