Travelling in the States Scottish Style

Nine years after leaving university I am both pleased and at times a little ashamed to admit I still think a bit like a student. It’s not like I still drink pints of Snakebite and I certainly don’t go clubbing on a Tuesday (student night in Glasgow) but what I do like is finding a bargain that makes me go ‘hehehe’ and rub my hands together while thinking I have beaten the shops at their own game!

So what’s the latest bargain to make me smile..? I’ll tell you what…

Cheap flights to and in America.

To quote Zoolander, It’s all so simple.

I don’t know why I didn’t hit on it before. It makes me a very very happy bunny But what is it I hear you cry? Well let me share with you my findings…

Last year we flew BA to San Francisco, flights came in at about £750 each return. I was horrified (being a cheapskate) and felt slightly ill agreeing to pay it while the Fiance was ecstatic (being someone who hates shopping around).

This year when I was looking at flights they were coming in around £600 to get to Vegas. But here’s the thing, in the UK we have Ryan Scare and Easy Jet and I use them all the time so why not a cheaper airline in America?

I did a quick search for flights to New York and they came in around the £250 mark then I hopped on over to an American airline and found a New York to Vegas flight for around the £60 mark – a whopping saving the even the Fiance has to admit was worth shopping around for.