Umpa Lumpur (in Kuala Lumpur)

Sorry for not posting sooner. Unfortunately we have been having such a great time in the sun, restaurants and bars of Kuala Lumpur we have not been near a computer in days (although we are both suffering withdrawal symptoms as a result hence this posting!)

Kuala Lumpur was a strange one. Very, very busy with terrifying drivers (and that’s coming from someone who has been in the car with both Mags and the Vonster driving). The drive from the airport was mental with 5 lanes of drivers on a 3 lane road! Nerve-jangling but amusing to look back on now!

We went up the Kuala Lumpur communications tower (4th Largest in the world) and ate in the revolving restaurant. We’d decided to treat ourselves to somewhere plush – worked out about £10 a head for an amazing view and the novelty of being in a revolving restaurant. It was pretty amazing and was topped only by the sight of monsoon style rain and thunder/lightening storm – never seen a storm like this it was stunning. We seemed to be the only ones looking up to the sky and enjoying it!

The food was great and very tasty. You will all be amazed to learn that I, yes, Mr ‘never seems to be full’ Batty was surviving on one bowl of noodles a day – impressive huh? Maybe it was the heat, we’re just not used to it.

We also spent a full morning walking round the KL Bird Park which kept us amused for a long time despite u not being interested in birds in the slightest! The heat in there was amazing and it was weird but we sat down for a minute and leant on our knees, it was literally for a second and yet when we moved we had wet arm markes on our clothes!

Arrived in Oz today so not much to say about that yet so keep checking back for updates kids!

Will try and post some pics on this over the next few days too.

Off for now as want to walk on beach then go for food.

Also, can’t escape these bloody computers. My first job of the day was to install the wireless router round here at Nick’s place. Now that it is working, I can get the blog entry posted.

Batty Boy & Lynne xx

  • Anonymous

    Glad you got to Oz safely, and had a good time in KL.

    Mum wants to know if you have seen a Koala yet. She would have enjoyed the storm!

    It’s very cold & icy here, must have been -10 deg last night.

    Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad.

    P.S. Mum says she’s a good safe driver……just wait until she meets up with you, she’ll make the crocs, spiders, blue stingers etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. look cuddly!!!!

  • Stu

    Indeed, Mum is a good driver…..when compared to these jokers…. :-)

  • Elaine

    Hello! Good to hear that you have made it to Perth in one piece, and that you’re having a fantastic time so far!

    How hot is it there? It’ll be good to see some pics if you can set that up – especially the ones where you’ll be looking like a lobster in all that heat!

    Referring to your comments about driving, the response from Mags is just to remind you about who taught you to drive in the first place!

    Bye for now. , , ,

  • vonster

    Hi my loves Isee Mags has brought you down to earth with her comment about driving slipped up there Stu.Aunti Lynda has got anew house near Neil shes thrilled.Hello to all Stu Lynnes friends.Ilove Alisters comments,keep them coming.If Lynne had seen David Attenborough last night she would have been home on the next flight.LOVE YOU BOTH Vonster xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alistair

    I love Alisters comments,keep them coming.

    Hey, I’ve got a fan base on someone else’s blog! I will certainly continue to post, especially to this reception. Glad to meet you, Stu told me all about you.

    I just want to make the observation that Stu can still put his foot in it from halfway around the world. That’s a special skill, he should be cherished.

  • Lynnes Mum

    Stu has a lot of competing to put up with to get in my good books since I met Di and Thomas.I wonder just what he has told you about me?He’s getting further down the list. Lynne’s Mum bye bye.

  • Anonymous





  • Batman’s Mum

    Hello both of you! you must be having a great time, but we are waiting for your next chronicle. Have you hired a car yet? When are you going to the special place – MARGARET RIVER? Remember to take plenty of photographs of the place. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love from Mum xxxxx

  • Alistair

    You know, I’m not sure that we need Stu and Lynn at all. We can do this on our own.

    as an ice-breaker, pretend we’re all in a circle. We all have to to tell everyone our name, and an animal starting with the same letter, that we’d like to be. (I can guess what Zebedee wants to be).

    My name is Alistair, and I am an Anteater.

  • Angeline

    And mY name is Angeline, im a ballerina!, nice to meet you, alister.

    i am a bit wary, my experiences of alisatiar’s arent alot to write home about. If you were and alAstair, maybe i wouldnt be so wary?