A Morning Visiting Shrewsbury

The first day of our holiday saw us heading into Shrewsbury because, to quote my Fiance “we both like Cadfael”…It’s this reasoning that makes him want us to holiday in the Caribbean (think James Bond) and go back to California (think Arnie and the A Team)…but I digress, so on our first day we decided to visit Shrewsbury.

I think it comes from growing up near a place called ‘Lost’ (seen on many a postcard) but in new places it’s often the signage that can amuse me the most and Grope Lane was crying out for a photo and a snigger.

Later I saw a sign for Pant-Y-something but alas, I could not stop in time for a photo opportunity!

Shrewsbury was about a 90 minute drive form Knighton but worth the trip. It has Tudor buildings galore and reminds me (in parts) of York. It such a pretty town to walk around and it doesn’t take long to view a lot of the points of interest (Shrewsbury Cathedral, The Square, the Town walls or any of the many churches.) It’s a fantastic size for a day trip though or short stay as you really can see a lot in the space of a few hours.

For eating I recommend the Bull Inn on Butchery Row. The food was fantastic (but go in hungry) and as far as we could glean from the locals, it was one of the few places to do a bar lunch on a Sunday – we paid just under £20.00 for two mains and a cheeky wee beer.