Wander round Knighton and Offa’s Dyke Centre

This morning we had a lazy morning so by the time we were motivated for leaving the cottage we opted for a short drive into Knighton for a spot of lunch and a wander.

We stopped at The Horse and Jockey Inn for lunch which was good value and one of the only places I have ever seen ‘proper hand-cut chips’ (just like Mum’s used to make) on the menu. We paid £20.00 for 2 mains, 1 starter and drinks). The Horse and Jockey Inn is one of those places you could happily while away several hours and we plan on doing just that two days from now with my brother and his missus!

After lunch we wandered up into the town centre to see the clock tower and to mosey on round the tiny streets of Knighton. It’s a pretty little village and one that makes for a very good holiday as it has everything you might need from activities at Offa’s Duke to decent supermarkets to pubs and restaurants.

On the way up to Offa’s Dyke Visitor centre (which also doubles as the tourist information centre) we couldn’t help but noticed the cars in the photo’s below. I can’t for the life of me work out if it’s just someones hobby or maybe they are used in a town carnival or something? Either way I felt I had to share…it was the converted hearse that really made me laugh!

Once I’d stopped gawking at the cars we took a walk past the Visitors Centre onto Offa’s Dyke. The visitors centre tells the tale of Offa’s Dyke; how it was built, why it was built and wildlife around the area. It’s a great wee visitor centre for such a small town and worth a stop to find out more about Offa’s Dyke and the general area.

After our strenuous afternoon in Knightly we headed back to the cottage for some well deserved rest and relaxation to prepare us for our trip to Aberystwyth the next day.