A weekend in Dublin

When we discovered Iron Maiden were doing a tour for their new album we were very very keen to get tickets. We considered the New York options (because Dream Theatre were supporting) but decided this was perhaps taking our love of them slightly too far. Just a little too far at any rate. So when we saw they were plying in Dublin a few weeks later we really had no option but to grab ourselves a few tickets and book our Ryanscare flights and start checking out the Dublin hotels.

We chose to stay for 3 nights and having been before we were looking for something different to do that didn’t involve Guinness (well, not too much), shopping or bus tours.

The first day we were in Dublin we took a wander into Temple Bar stopping in the Porterhouse Bar. Now, I love my beer so the Porterhouse bar was like like my own personal Santa’s Grotto. Beer floor to ceiling, homebrews on tap and a fantastic descriptive beer menu. We’d intended to nip in for a coke and ended up staying for hours (and eating one of the biggest burgers I have ever tackled in my life).

When we dragged ourselves away from there we spent the rest of the day wandering round, looking at the sights and generally relaxing which was fantastic after a hectic few weeks at work.

After we’d had our wander it was time to meet up with a friend and get ourselves all set with the help for a wee touch more beer for (as the Fiance calls them…) the Mighty Maiden.

On the Sat when we tore ourselves out of the hotel we headed up to Phoenix Park. Being the cycling fans that we are we chose to hire a tandem because it “would be fun”. Little did we know how much you had to work as a team to get the darn thing moving let alone to go in any definite, intentional direction. Still, we didn’t do too badly and managed (with a lot of laughing) to get round the entire perimeter of Phoenix Park.

I hadn’t realised prior to going that Phoenix Park was home to 450 deer and I certainly didn’t realise how close you could get to them. It was brilliant and I sat for ages watching them and their babies!

We handed the Tandem back a little sadly and moped off (because of the rain you understand) to a nearby bar (Ryan’s Bar) for some of their finest homebrew. Everywhere in Dublin seemed to be making their own…. and yeah, we pretty much spent the rest of the day in there – we had a slight break for a shower and food at the hotel but we were back in there again that evening.

Our final day saw us with just a few hours to spare before our flight home so we headed off to the Natural History Museum. The museum was great and free to go in which is always a bonus. Some of the critters are very impressive (giant deer!) and I have a weird fascination with looking at things in formaldehyde so there was plenty to keep me happy. I don’t know why (and I seem to be the only one) but I found some of the taxidermy jobs amusing. Take the seal below for example, check out the eyes and mouth….it must make you laugh surely? It looks ridiculous!

No? Oh well, it did me.

Anyway, that was the end of our Dublin short break and we really enjoyed it for letting us relax and let our hair down and of course, seeing Maiden once again!