When I go to Vegas I’m staying here

We’ve been thinking lately about a potential holiday to Las Vegas and as accommodation plays a huge part in my holiday decisions I’m in two minds about where we would stay in Vegas.

On the one hand there is the idea that we want somewhere relaxing, cute and cosy – somewhere like a cabin out towards the Grand Canyon. On the other hand there is the thought of the ‘traditional’ Las Vegas hotels…somewhere glitzy, noisy, hedonistic and right ‘on the Strip’. Somewhere with fountains outside (or even inside), Elvis to welcome us at the door and flourescent lights like only Americans can do!

I’ve been Googling and these are my favourite so far. Maybe not the type of hotel I would stay in anywhere else in the World but when in Vegas why not?

Fountains and waltzing water right outside the hotel presumably for when the Nevada heat gets too much to bear…no?

Paris Hotel
Would be nice to wake up with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Couldn’t afford that view in Paris!

Well, I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids so what better time than in Vegas? ;-S

Caesars Palace
Just because it has a mini Hearst Castle pool and well, you’re not allowed to swim in Hearst’s one!