Up Beinn Na Lap and Sleeping in Glen Etive

Last week I set off with a group of friends up Beinn Na Lap (my first Monro). The idea was to do a hike then a spot of camping somewhere back along the way.

Getting to Beinn Na Lap

Reaching Beinn Na Lap is a bit of an ordeal but is worth the effort for the fantastic views and scenery. Setting off at 9am we drove up to Bridge of Orchy and waited for the train to Fort William. A short half hour train journey through Rannoch moor later and we were at Carrour Station (where they filmed a bit of train spotting).Carrour Station really does feel like the middle of nowhere and is amazingly peaceful once the train has pulled away.

The hike

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a Munro and it started off nicely with a little wander towards Loch Ossian before looping round the base of the mountain before the proper hiking began. As soon as we rounded a corner it was straight up the mountainside. We climbed for approx 2 hours and stopped for lunch on the way up to admire the view.

There are a few false tops to this hill where you think you’re at the top then get to it and realise you aren’t! Once we got to the top though the cloud lifted and we were treated to some fantastic views.



The camping

Once we were back down and back at Carrour Station we were able to have a nice refreshing pint of local beer before catching the train nack to Bridge of Orchy. Once back at the car we drove up to Glen Etive which was about 15mins from Bridge of Orchy and found a place to set up camp for the night. This was a weekend of firsts for me and this was my first taste of ‘wild camping’ – don’t think I’d go back to a campsite! The views were fantastic (the midgies not so fantastic) and in the morning we woke up to the sights below. The evening before we’d also seen deer walkign down to the river not far form our tent, you wouldn’t get that on a campsite!

All in all, the weekend was a brilliant getaway and really recharged the batteries – I’d recommend it to anyone!


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